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SNL Skit “The Bubble”: A Community for Progressives and No One Else! (Video)

SNL The Bubble

Oh my goodness! Remember when Saturday Night Live was consistently funny? About 30+ years ago?

I know. Late nite was funny then, too. Johnny Carson trumped everyone.

Well, every once in a while SNL actually manages to create something funny, and this is it.

Imagine all the Progressives — bawling over the election, resisting and coloring in coloring books — packing their belongings (you know, all those iPhones and iMacs and other material goods created within the free market/capitalist economy they say they hate) and moving to a planned community just for them. And only them.

Now you’re catching on.

Watch this great SNL skit that is a perfectly done parody of the oxymorons of the left.


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