Vogue Editor Had the Audacity to Criticize Melania Trump’s Attire!

Lynn Yaeger Ctriticizes Menlania Trump

Sometimes in this modern age, the incomprehensible surrounds us with a living “fact that is stranger than fiction” model.

Lynn Yaeger, native New Yorker and a contributing editor at Vogue, is a person who is stranger than fiction. Her clothes, her makeup, her hairstyle all defy the imagination. Indeed, Yaeger’s persona is, I’m sorry to say, the stuff of nightmares.

If clowns are evil — and many people and many of my own friends assert they are — what would you call a “woman” who purposely dresses like Lynn Y.?

One has to Google for themselves to believe that yes, she chooses to look like this. Yaeger is not dressing in drag for a Pride march. She is not made-up for a bizarre broadway production.

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This is her “look.”

Her fashion statement.

Let me be careful here…I am not berating her physical appearance: I am appalled and aghast at the facade she dons for her daily life.

Now comes the even MORE bizarre part — as if that were possible.

This highly esteemed Vogue editor dared to criticize First Lady Melania Trump’s attire…or to be precise, her stilettos.

The kids loved meeting Melania Trump.

Melania and husband, President Trump, were captured in a photograph leaving the White House, about to board Marine One and head for flood ravaged Texas. FLOTUS had tennis shoes to change into on board the Presidential helicopter.

Yaeger took the occasion to write an op ed at Vogue titled, “Melania Trump’s Hurricane Stilettos, and the White House’s Continual Failure to Understand Optics” in which she critiqued:

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille.

While the nation is riveted by images of thousands of Texans wading with their possessions, their pets, their kids, in chest-high waterdesperately seeking refuge; while a government official recommend that those who insist on sheltering in place write their names and social security numbers on their arms, Melania Trump is heading to visit them in footwear that is a challenge to walk in on dry land.

A spokesperson says she has other shoes to change into on the plane—and one sincerely hopes there is a pair of leopard-print Wellies-in-waiting to get her from the tarmac to the limo. But what kind of message does a fly-in visit from a First Lady in sky-high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation of this natural disaster?

And why, oh why, can’t this administration get anything, even a pair of shoes, right?

We all heard the Mainstream Media rush to criticize Melania’s stilettos, but at the time, most folks hadn’t seen this chief of critiques.

In retrospect, this could possibly be the world’s largest example of pot calling kettle black in all of history.

And truthfully, the “kettle was not black,” as far as a fashionista analogy goes.

And please! Optics? Are you kidding me Lynn? You have the audacity to criticize the First Lady for her choice of shoes which were only worn for a short while?

I call bull. This is another case of, as Newt Gingrich famously noted, “The media waking up every day and saying ‘We know Donald Trump (or Melania) did something terrible…what is it?’ ”

As it turns out, the First Lady’s unpardonable fashion sin was wearing stilettos from the White House residence, to Marine One. *GASP*


Sorry Lynn “What in the H-E-Double-Toothpicks Is She Wearing” Yaeger. Methinks you need to look in the mirror before you slander Melania’s wardrobe choices.

Wait? Perhaps you don’t own any mirrors?