A Classic Scene: Inspector Clouseau Pulls the Wrong Tooth (Video)

Inspector Clouseau Pulls Toothe

Nothing like vintage Peter Sellers playing the bumbling French detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. And especially when Clouseau encounters Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus, played to perfection by Herbert Lom.

Little by little the Chief Inspector is driven over the brink of sanity by Clouseau’s ineptitude and crazy antics. watching Dreyfus’ descent into eye-twitching madness is the stuff of pure hilarity.

And no scene is as famous as this, with Clouseau (hilariously) disguised as a German dentist, Dr. Schweitz, to gain access to the now madman’s fortified castle.

Unfortunately for Chief Inspector Dreyfus, his nemesis appears mid-extreme toothache.

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Clouseau armed with a dentists’ implements, including nitrous oxide, proceeds to extract a tooth, as both patient and “doctor” get the nitrous-giggles.

Take a walk down movie memory lane and enjoy:

Servant: Dr. Schweitz is here.

Dreyfuss: Doctor…please hurry! I am in agony!

Clouseaue/Schweitz: Guten tag! Wie gates! All will be well soon… AHHHHH! (drops tool case on his foot)

Dreyfuss: Did you hurt yourself?

Clouseaue/Schweitz: Just the bone, I can set it later. First of all, I will need some hot water and towels. [have you ever heard a dentist say that?]

Dreyfuss: Get some hot water, Harry! And lock the door! I don’t want to be disturbed!

Clouseaue/Schweitz: And lock the door, he does not wish to be disturbed, you know!

And so it goes. Sellers played Clouseau to a “T” with the over-the-top French phonetic pronunciation of every word.

This is classic comedy at it’s very best.