Ralph Kramden Learns to Golf With Help from Ed Norton…LOL (Video)

Ralph Krandem Plays golf

I have no doubt this video clip will be new to some people, especially younger folks. But The Honeymooners were timeless and I don’t mind introducing some new generations to old-time humor.

This is another gem that I would watch (well, the re-runs) with my grandpa.

This particular episode is terrific as Ralph Kramden (the venerable Jackie Gleason) attempts to learn to play golf in only two days. He’s aided by his sidekick and perpetual irritant, Ed Norton (Art Carney).

The golfers in my family howled at this; it’s just such a classic. Especially since any and everyone I know who plays golf, even if they’re scratch golfers like many of my cousins, are still learning the game. Golf is a puzzling and peculiar game, equal parts infuriating and exhilarating. Even pros will tell you “pure athletic ability has nothing to do with it.”

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Ralph listens as Ed reads tips for learning to play golf. Watch and enjoy and share with some of the youngsters in your family!

Ed: The Golf Swing. First, step up, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and address the ball.

Ralph: Wait a minute. what do they mean by address the ball?

Ed: How should I know? That’s what it says here!

Ralph: Well read a little further. Maybe it explains it.

Ed: That’s all it says. Address the ball. Wait a minute. I think I know what it means there. Here…give me the club. Step up. Plant your feet firmly. “HELLO BALL!” [Ed salutes the golf ball/pin cushion]

ROFL! That right there is some classic stuff. Kids may get it if you tell them that The Flintstones is the cartoon version of The Honeymooners. However you sell it, this is family humor that’s NOT PC, but it is funny to kids and adults alike. And HOW refreshing is that?