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Fact-Check This…

The left is screaming for Lester Holt to fact check Trump, yet you have Hillary, the biggest lair in the history of running for president, and it’s Lester’s Job to fact check Trump? Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016.

Corruption at the highest levels, how about our election?

Our media is no longer practicing Journalism, but has become a corrupt propaganda arm of the democrat party, the IRS going after Conservatives (Lois Learner), The FBI failure to indict Hillary in spite of the evidence (Comey), the DOJ Meeting with Bill Clinton and covering for Hillary ( AG Lynch ), the State Department and the Presidency covering for the Benghazi-Attack by blaming a movie, the Democrat Party’s stacked decking against Bernie Sanders, and Hillary selling access through the Clinton Foundation, Again all corrupt at the highest level etc., etc.

Now what would give us any assurance our electoral process isn’t corrupt? Not a thing.


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