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Political Bull

National Enquirer

National Enquirer has become a political bull in the 2016 election and a Trump supporter. Best to Take their Cruz affair allegations with a yhuge grain of salt. Cartoon by A.F.Branco.

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  • kasper-ghost

    Cruz having affairs. Trump’s campaign manager throwing someone to the floor. All while the US is 20 trillion in debt, we have open borders, are being threatened by isis, N. Korea, Iran, and in general, the laughing stock of the world. (Cuba.) Think it’s time to move away from that pile of cow dung, and discuss what truly matters. What a flipping dog & pony show this has all become.


      And who is to blame? The Lamestream media!! Ted Kennedy murdered an intern, John and Bobbie diddled and the had killed Marilyn, and of course Willy CLITon made a laughing stock of the office of the presidency!

  • Conservative Mark

    So it is okay for Ted Cruz to be unfaithful to his wife but not Tiger Woods or Bill Cosby? This website must be racist!

    • DLKSR

      Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby Are Not Running For Public Office!!!!!

      • Germansmith

        I think that is the point
        Taking Bill Cosby aside since he is accused of more serious stuff than infidelity, a BIG deal was made when a black very rich golf player was cheating on his very beautiful white wife…. and I could not care less.
        Same deal with Clinton and his affairs pre-Monica. but Clinton never claimed to be a saint

        Why would we give Cruz the benefit of the doubt when he wears the mantle of the pure Conservative and Religious candidate?…..that is BEYOND lying, it is hipocritical

    • doctorbob

      Mark, if you don’t have the intelligence to differentiate the consequences of a Tiger Woods doing something like this, and a Presidential candidate, then you’re much too stupid to vote. If someone learns of Tiger’s affairs, then all it hurts is Tiger. If someone learns of Cruz’s sexual extramarital escapades, it leaves him wide open to blackmail! THAT is why we elect (or should elect) people of high moral character to high office. We need to KNOW that our leaders are men of integrity who can not be blackmailed. We don’t know that now with Cruz. Remember Slick Willie denying he had “sexual relations with that woman… Monica Lewinsky?” And then it turned out he was lying? If Clinton had had an ounce of morals in his body, that SHOULD have ended his Presidency, because he lied and perjured himself in Federal Court. Democraps demonstrated that THEY have no morals by allowing him t get away with it. Had it been a Republican, ANY Republican, it would have forced him to resign. Slick Willie belongs to the Party of Liars and Frauds for a reason.

      • Another Guest

        Cruz is lying about being a natural born citizen also. What do you expect from someone that would lie to steal the office of President? Oh that’s right, we know because of obama.

      • Conservative Mark

        Dr. Bob, if you are supporting a Canadian to be our next president after that last undocumented Kenyan, you are the LAST person who should be talking about intelligence! Anybody with a brain knows humor represents a higher form of intellect. My post was tongue in cheek humor, sarcasm, if you want. The fact of the matter is Cruz should be sued out of the election process as he is unfit for office…. hell, the dumb ass held dual citizenship until about 90 days before he decided to run! GROW A BRAIN! TRUMP 2016!

        And as an FYI, braniac, Tiger Woods hurt much more than Tiger Woods. He hurt his wife and children and the entire golf industry… hence so many courses are now closing. It is called the “Tiger Woods Affect”.

      • kchamb

        doctorbob, we are already as a nation suffering from the dalliances of our current POTUS. His inability to defer from homosexual encounters on the side is obviously given Putin and who knows who else a grip over him that has cost us dearly in foreign policy. If we as a nation did not react so vociferously to these personal character flaws, our enemies would have no ammunition to use against us.

    • MikefromNC

      I’d just note there is absolutely no evidence to suggest Cruz has been unfaithful. So comparisons to other adulterers are a bit premature, don’t you think?

      • Conservative Mark

        What kind of evidence do morons like you need? A woman’s dress with his DNA in it? Okay though… let’s just save that one in our vest pocket and go on the attack about him being a Canadian!

        • MikefromNC

          There is NO evidence. Zero. There is a story by a supermarket tabloid that claims women give birth to space aliens. It reports that some anonymous unknown source claims there were affairs. The actual people involved have denied it, vehemently. There is nothing remotely approaching evidence, Yet you act as though it is settled science or something. It is nothing. Zip, zero , nada. If some actual evidence arises, it will be a different matter. But unless that happens, it is NOTHING.

          Yeah, go back to the birther nonsense. If Cruz gets enough votes, he will be the nominee. If he gets enough votes again, he will be the president. If he gets enough votes 4 years later, he will be the president for a second term. And the birther bozos will still be wasting their time on a non issue rather than focusing on real issues and solutions. But you go right ahead.

          • Conservative Mark

            Shut up and stop being a liberal Democrat! Nobody likes you or your kind any more. You are ruining America. We MUST make America great again!

          • MikefromNC

            So since I support the ONLY conservative candidate running – Ted Cruz – you brilliantly deduce that I’m a liberal democrat. Are you really that stupid, or do you just play an idiot on TV?

          • Conservative Mark

            You want to talk stupid, look in the mirror and then think long and hard about this… we no sooner get one undocumented illegal alien impostor out of the White House and ass clowns like you are ready to vote us in a second one! CRUZ IS NOT A NATURALIZED BORN CITIZEN AND HE IS NOT FIT FOR OFFICE!

            Trump is the only true conservative as you can’t get much more conservative than not making your livelihood off of the taxpayers dime! Cruz is just another parasite and more of the same!

          • MikefromNC


            You are correct, since there is no such thing as a “naturalized born citizen”. You don’t even know what it’s called , much less what it means. I can’t justify spending any more time with such a clueless dolt. Good luck in life. You’re gonna need it.

          • Conservative Mark

            You know what I meant, Mike! I can’t type right when I want to punch somebody in the face making me mad. I apologize. WAIT A MINUTE!!!


    Daily Beast: Marco Rubio Allies Spread Cruz Affair Story
    According to the news site, which cites unnamed GOP and media sources, reporters at the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, Bloomberg News and ABC News had all heard versions of the sex scandal.
    The conservative Breitbart News also was pushed to run a story on the alleged affairs, an unnamed source tells the Daily Beast – and was given a video by a person “allied” with Rubio but not associated with his official campaign.


    Ted Cruz’s senate e-address was a subscriber of Ashley Madison adultery ‘dating’ service
    *** A Cruz aide insists that although “The email address in question is,” that doesn’t mean anyone in Cruz’s senate office was an Ashley Madison subscriber because the address is “a publicly and widely available forwarding address that is often entered into web contact forms by people with no connection to our office.” ***


    Video: Ted Cruz evades reporter’s question about his rumored adulterous affairs
    On Monday, March 28, 2016, a Daily Mail reporter confronted Ted Cruz about his rumored mistresses.
    The reporter asks: “‘Senator Cruz, can you please swat down more definitively this National Enquirer piece by telling us on the record that you’ve never been unfaithful to your wife?”
    Immediately, although the question was directed at Cruz, Carly Fiorina dutily acts as Cruz’s attack dog by jumping in and blaming the rumors on and attacking Donald Trump.

  • Scirel

    It’s starting to come out that Heidi Cruz sent an email to campaign staffers telling them that she knows about the infidelities and that the issue was none of their concern.

    Assuming it’s true, this should break within days.


    • MikefromNC

      Well by all means, let’s just assume it’s true. Let’s ignore all that we actually know about the man’s history and character.

      • Scirel

        I do assume it’s true BASED upon what is slowly but surely unfolding over the last weeks, starting with the Ben Carson fiasco. The guy has (Bill) Clintonitis, and is probably even smarter than Bill, so I have no doubts about his abilities to play the long game to great effect even with his limited resources.

        Scary, scary guy!

        • MikefromNC

          So Cruz, the conservative constitutionalist Christian is a “scary, scary, guy”, huh? So who is the good guy in the race?

        • kchamb

          So is it any different from Obama (a married man) and now POTUS having numerous homosexual encounters while married to Michelle (or Michael) as the case may be.

  • Dick

    If the story WERE fiction, Cruz would have begun legal action against the Enquirer. Since he has not, it must be FACT. The Enquirer has a history of being correct about those things. Just ask John Edwards.

    • MikefromNC

      No, because the Enquirer didn’t actually make any claim that he did anything. They only said there were anonymous people claiming it. I could write a story tomorrow and claim some anonymous source told me you liked little boys. That doesn’t make it true and it wouldn’t be grounds to sue for defamation. Especially for a public figure.
      You’re way to quick to jump to conclusion with absolutely no basis.

      • Another Guest

        You are pathetic, defending your illegal candidate to the end…hahaha. Wishing makes it so. Not.

  • Stuart

    The Enquirer was also right about Gary Hart and Tiger Woods. Wait and see if there is evidence. If only part of it is true it raises a question about voting for Cruz in addition to the fact that he lies and lies.

  • Zoe2010

    so cruz affairs came out by way of rubio allies – then we hear rubio won’t release his delegates – gee, what does he have planned for the convention… just can’t imagine…

  • Opinionated American

    Is that the best against Cruz? Trump? Come on. Attack Hillary already. We seen slick Willie in the 90’s to this crap. Not new that people running for presidents have affairs. BTW, The enquired is a rag mag anyway. How people do love bullchit.

  • kchamb

    There are strong rumors surfacing that Cruz is the politician on the DC Madams client list. That list is supposedly sitting on four different secure servers and will be released if the lawyer holding it doesn’t get what he wants. I am sure the NSA has it and maybe even some hackers. Obama will use the list against whichever Republican is running when the time is right. I hate bringing up quotes from my Mama but you all know “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. How many times have we heard these kind of rumors only to find out they were true. I am surprised that Brietbart or Drudge hasn’t broken it already.

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