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Mutually Assured Obsession

  • kasper-ghost

    Mr. Branco, You are a master of your crafts. Artistically, in common sense, and intellect. Your work is always appreciated, and enjoyed. Thanks, as always, for sharing your talents.

    • wsurfs .

      YES….BRAVO…HE’s GOOD…!!

  • bjr1

    Time to end the feud. Distracts from the important issues. Mr. Trump will gain nothing from this ongoing mess. The only one who gains is Megyn.

    • wsurfs .

      ……which is Megyn’s goal…to be noticed….admired….looked at….talked about….center of attention…!! She is NOT a journalist…..journalists don’t make themselves the STORY…they gather facts and present them….!!!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Pretty sick of it and even more sick of all the sycophants that are in the tank for him on that network. Have had to turn it off a lot. I’m embarrassed that that’s the guy anybody could get behind. No smart republicans?

    A little more journalism and a lot less rump!

    • kasper-ghost

      In the tank for Trump? What shows are you watching? He’s just the only one that will go on all tv stations to answer hard questions. Hillary only gets asked what she would like to eat? What is your favorite romantic movie? Your not finding “journalism” from all networks. But I suppose you, like so many other liberals, want to blame Trump for everything. If your not listening to the message, turn off the tv, and go pull some weeds in your yard, (while you worship Hillary or Bernie.)

      • Libertarian Soldier

        Perhaps you should stay out of the yard and leave the weed alone.

        It’s not a matter of willing to go on all shows. One TV show host says he calls them incessantly to see if he can get on. How about saying, ” no, we should talk to someone else, too”? He seldom gets asked hard questions and no follow ups. Hard questions are met with bloviation and filibustering braggadocio.

        Of course the clintons have the same support the government, its party and its propaganda ministry (the media) handle their darling with kit gloves. They also cheer for FraudaldT rump so they can unleash thousands of hours of that functional illiterate’s stupid actions, statements and boorish behavior over nearly 50 years. He’s told so many whoppers, they’re biting their lips waiting to spring it all on him. He’s so damaged that in a race for the highest office in the world, he can’t beat a woman that might be indited for treasonous acts! What does that tell you?

        Just yesterday, didn’t teflonald rump come out of nowhere, with and unrelated to anything and say we should get out of NATO? Hours later bombs are going off near NATO HQ. It won’t be covered!

        What’s also important to note is that there is no such forgiveness for Cruz by the media and the ever more left wing media clone, FNC. There seems to be only one that is not a Cruz hater and he’s in the tank for rump and believes Cruz should be VP to rump. That’s just disgusting.

        Fully in the tank for rump:
        The Fox New Channel
        -Andrea Tanteros
        -Jeanine Piero
        -Sean Hannity
        -Bill Not Really
        -Bret Baird
        -Geraldo Riviera
        -Eric Bolling
        -Kimberly Guilfoyle
        -Stacey Dash
        -Dennis Miller

        • kasper-ghost

          And your point would be? That the brightest, most intelligent people are standing with Trump? Cruz has Lindsey Graham, and whacko Glenn Beck for endorsements. Oh…be proud. Add sarcasm!

          • Libertarian Soldier

            Didn’t Lindsay Graham also endorse Bush and Rubio? Didn’t he also run? Didn’t he, also talk about getting away with the murder of Cruz the week before he endorsed Cruz, a couple of weeks after he said, “Picking Cruz or Trump like getting shot or poisoned, you’re still dead”?.

            That’s the guy you pick as the endorser of Cruz? Sarcasm, alright! That word, “sarcasm”; I don’t think it means what you think it means.

            What does Glenn Beck have to do with Cruz. Didn’t he leave Fox? Doesn’t he have his own network? Each of the donald trump zealots is a slave to Fox, something the guy you call a “whacko” moved from, an actual draw to that network, to begin with, if you know anything.

            Since you’re clearly the poster boy for the low education, low information mindless trump zealots, I’ll have to use smaller words to explain; perhaps some definitions are in order. Glad I’m not your teacher!

            Constitutionalists are whom actual Constitutionalists and Conservatives trust. Cruz is indisputedly the smartest, best educated Constitutional Scholar and Practitioner in the race. His understanding of the national and global economy is head and shoiulders above trump’s own knowledge. Trump knows real estate and hospitality and he’s not even good at it on his own. He’s a second generation government parasite, a corporate welfare whore, bankrupted repeatedly for 25 years, more than half of his adult life.

            don’ald trump isn’t even good at that for which he’s known except a couple of TV shows where he has to be a misogynistic jerk. That’s not even work, for him.

            trump is an opportunist. He’s a bail out crony, a corrupt extortioner of politicians. He’s not an outsider, he’s who feeds the insiders and the corrupt establishments of both parties. He’s a crony socialist! He couldn’t beat the clintons in his own party and you dumb 4$$3$ have him wrecking your own. Idiots!

          • kasper-ghost

            No! Voting for a corrupt person like Teddy would have been the demise of the United States of America. Little Teddy even lied about being a US citizen to become a US Senator. Teddy lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race. Then didn’t even offer an un-sincere apology. Lied about NOT wanting to sign the TPP. And lies about his father’s “humble beginnings”. Do your research! Idiot!

          • Libertarian Soldier

            You democrats did this to Ken Star and the Georges Bus. You people have called some of the most honest and principled men ever to walk the planet liars. Ken Star had been a Federal Judge who’d had an irreproachable reputation for erring always on the side of Constitutionalism and truth, for good reason. You democrats from the democrat side of the aisle destroyed him.

            Both 41 and 43, the Bush’s were honest men, flawed in their somewhat progressive views and their failure to fully embrace Constitutionalism but were honest men and all will be remembered is those other progressive republicans, like Pat Buchanan who’d called 43 “King George”, John Kasich, who joined the democrats and ganged up on him to abandon his principle of “read my lips, no new taxes” and the clintons who’d taken his charitable gift to a woman’s sick child as proof that he’d had an affair, in order to make him seem as unsvory as the rapist that ended up making him a 1 term president. That’s all that will be remembered, the inference and innuendo of philandering, lying, “a thousand points of light” and “kinder, gentler”.

            In your case, you’ve managed to not only repeat lies but to make one up of your own. You’ve conflated “little marco” with Cruz. You new democrats from the republican wing of the democrat party cult have backed a lifelong democrat. You’re what’s wrong with America.

            Let’s examine your claims, including doing “research” and “idiots”, shall we?

            Prove that:
            A) Cruz was not a US Citizen when becoming Senator. You can’t because that’s a lie. So, stop repeating lies if you know they’re lies or as you so ignorantly put it, “Do your research! Idiot!”

            B) Prove that Cruz lied about Carson dropping out of the race. You can’t because that’s also a lie. Give some authority other than that functional illiterate psycho you must be supporting, since you’re quoting and misquoting him to your convenience. You’ll find that Cruz supporters, primarily not campaign employees re-tweeted a CNN’s sensationalism in the form of “breaking news”, you know, CNN, the “the world’s most trusted source in news”? Cruz did, factually offer an apology for his supporters that he clearly didn’t owe but did so out of decency, the sort that donald j trump has never shown. Again, “Do your research! Idiot!”

            C) Also wrong is your dishonest misrepresentation of, “Lied about NOT wanting to sign the TPP.” First, you seem to be totally under-informed if you 1. think that’s lie and 2. don’t know the very well publicized story of Cruz calling McConnell out on the Senate floor for misrepresenting the facts of Part 1. of TPP in which McConnell made deals with the White House and some democrats to get Senate republicans to vote for it. By the way, they don’t “sign” TPP. They vote for or against it and the term you were looking for is “insincere”, one word.

            Under what rock have you been hiding while you hear and repeat the lies of the rump? Cruz not only was deceptively influenced to vote for the above board half of TPP, of which he was one of only 7 Senators to have read it but balked on voting for Part 2. Where do you get your non-facts? I now find myself quoting you, once more: “Do your research! Idiot!”

            What does this pointless not quite a sentence mean? ” And lies about his father’s “humble beginnings”.”

            Those terms, “…a corrupt person like Teddy would have been the demise of the United States of America”; then there’s, “Do your research! Idiot! “! I don’t think those terms mean what you present them to mean. You harpies attack the very virtues of an honest, intelligent, principled, educated, decent man and in order to build up your own unrepentant, unabashed corrupt, crony socialist and you assassinate the character of the far better man and far better qualified, educated, experienced and principled man and you have not a bit of compunction about what you’ve done!

            You’re what’s wrong with the country. You republicans don’t even know you’re just a different flavor of socialist! It’s not just the democrats that are certifiably stupid.

  • drbhelthi

    Branco would do well to get the head of Hitlery Clinton off his brain.

    If Megyn Kelly were not doing what FOX wants her to do, they would stop her. Kelly is an employee of FOX, not the CEO.

  • jong

    Kelly is the bottom of the scum pond as are most journalists. And her reading of “Law” is just as silly as the rest of her. The only people that have a educated look is either Krauthammer or Will. The rest are morons

  • Donna Betzner

    Fox nor Megan Kelly are obsessed with Trump. In the past just like now,the front runner has ALWAYS been the focus in an election.Stop it.

  • 32eagle

    the world may not spin around trump but he will make sure the USA gets enough grease to ride out the fallout from mutant mulatto’s treasonist sabotage

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