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Black Votes Matter

  • The Fox

    The Demon-rats plantation of all races and colors and them with the whips.

    • elmcqueen3

      All Democrats are “Crackers” with Black Lives Matter folksies still working on their plantations.

  • rehabber

    Blacks are to stupid to see they have just changed the BOSS on the plantation to the democrat party, they are still getting everything they had before, now they don’t have to work for it. Maybe it is the rest of the country that is stupid.

    • 57girl

      Blacks aren’t any stupider than the Millennials who would forfeit America to socialism in favor of ‘free stuff’. I think the term is ‘indoctrination’, which results in ignorance. And believe me, there are a frightening number of people of all colors and backgrounds who have allowed themselves to fall under the illusion that the Government is run by the Government. I guess that is because lately, it has been. Somewhere along the line, the people have lost their power …. probably because we continue to ‘COMPLY’ will every unlawful law the above-the-law lawmakers put on the books.

      Sadly, we will all suffer due to the ignorance of those who fail to realize what America USED TO STAND FOR, courtesy of ALL RACES who have fallen under the Democrat’s spell. That is not to say that the ‘Establishment’ puppets on the Right are any better. Lately, with the exception of a very few, our leaders have sold us out to the NWO Lex Luthers who want One-World-Government …. which is exactly why Donald Trump climbs in popularity. He could be our last chance at a Sovereign America.


        Agreed!! When did kids stop thinking for themselves?? I’ll be damned if I’ll allow people to tell me what to think!!

  • cyberhackster

    Like they say, ignorance is bliss — blacks must be super happy..

  • TAM44

    Blacks were freed by Lincoln a republican, and yet the democrats still has chains on them and treats them like dirt, but the blacks keep voting for them year after year.

    • 57girl

      Thanks to the 14th Amendment and the tweaking of a few definitions, the Incorporation of America, and the birth of the DOJ, we have all been enslaved … I think they called it the ‘re-birth’ of America.

  • Insurgent

    Charles Barkley, black, retired from NBA, said “Poor black folk continue to vote for the dumbocraps, but they still remain poor.”

    Proof that you can take a jack@$$ to water, but you cannot make him drink !!!!

  • Chaz d

    For those interested in this topic, may I suggest watching “Runaway Slave”? Very eye-opening for those who may be on the fence politically.

  • b glad

    No truer picture has ever been posted.

    • game50

      b glad: They’ll do anything for free stuff…bunch of jackassess…

  • John Beam

    It’s all about responsibility. If that can be removed from people’s lives, idiots will flock to it, regardless of color. The problem with n*ggas (irresponsible Black folks) is that they’ve had their responsibility removed for several generations. Democrats want ALL adult responsibilities under their boots.

  • 57girl

    I absolutely love Branco’s stuff. The man knows how to hit the nail on the head. What a talent!!!

  • Dick

    Hillary , I see they put you in the back of the bus. You belong under the bus. You wouldn’t be kissing ass looking for votes would you. I already voted for you to go to prison, what the hell are you still doing here. Give Billy some time to get some real ass…….

    • Insurgent

      She is a dyke always looking for more carpet to munch!!!

  • Bannorhill

    Stop racism in US Politics.

    Vote for the party with the most Black and Hispanic US Senators.

    Vote for the party with the most Black and Hispanic Governors.

    Vote for the party with the most Black and Hispanic Lt Governors.
    Vote Republican.

  • David S. McQueen

    The Democrats managed to convince blacks that Republicans are racists, completely changing the history of the Democrat Party which started the KKK and championed racial segregation in schools. Is it any wonder that HR Clinton lies so much? It obviously works.

  • woofpacker75

    Never in the course of human events have so many voted so badly for the benefit of so few.
    -Apologies to Sir Winston

  • Mithrandir

    Political SHEEP-HERDERS excite, rally, then pay-off, then threaten black voters every 2 or 4 years to get to the polls and keep voting for their own desperate circumstances.

    I SAY Let them keep their welfare benefits AND they can work and keep THAT money as well, up to a certain amount.
    1. Stop punishing work.
    2. Get them out into the workforce.
    3. Shine up their resume.
    4. Contribute to the economy, save up for a car, stop riding the bus.
    5. Move out of welfare housing, and get your own place.

    NOPE! Democrats need them poor, desperate, and right where they need them on election day.

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