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Killing Free Speech

  • Momma

    True, true.

  • CountryBoy

    Maybe they should be building that hanging tree for those pushing the Global Warming ruse…..

    NOAA has only 58 years worth of data….
    NOAA only used the LAST 37 years worth of data to show Global Warming….

    WHY your ask ???

    Because the 1st 21 years of data show LOWER than normal temperatures…..
    That is why numerous articles in the mid 70’s were warning of the Coming ICE AGE…
    And they used the LAST 37 years worth of warmer data and compared it to the PREVIOUS 21 cooler years to show that the earth was warming….

    When you compare ALL the numbers, they basically cancel each other out….


      They want us to become another yurt dwelling society!…””We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times,” Obama said””

  • jong

    The liberals love to murder hope in doing it to unborn children and now the truth in that global warming is snake oil. We should put those such as lynch and others in jail and awaiting a trial and then the scaffold. That is if they are not lynched by the American People when they understand how badly they have been bent over.

  • DOOM161

    I’ve never met anyone that denies that the weather changes. Stop letting your adversary define terms.

  • Jeffrey Grimes

    Shame that so many so-called “patriots” don’t have the balls to properly utilize the Second Amendment to protect the others. Otherwise, Obama wouldn’t have made it past his first term.


    I fully expected to scroll down and see Mr. Branco’s spot on portrayal of unwashed, unkempt, filthy millennials disrupting a Trump rally!

  • Doc

    Global warming didn’t pan out so they changed it to “climate change”. Surprise people, climates change all the time. Using it for political agenda is what the liberals do best. If climates never changed New York City would still be buried under a mile thick sheet of ice!

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