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  • Cody Masella

    Huh, that’s weird, I thought it was a Bernie fan that assaulted a drumpf fanatic’s elbow with HIS face?!


      Let’s hope that we are smarter than the leftist slugs, and don’t retaliate. Bring lots of hand sanitizer folks.


      Thinking doesn’t come easy for you does it! Go to the Factivist website for more talking points, Einstein.

  • DetroitDom

    I’m surprised the Trump fans haven’t brought stun guns into these events. Nothing would be funnier than to watch a “Black Lives Matter” supporter crapping himself while convulsing from the stun gun shot received. Would make it easier on security to remove these clowns too.

  • humble_1

    Mr. Branco,

    In my humble opinion you are one the best conservative political cartoonists of my lifetime (54 years and counting).

    I no longer enjoy visiting your website because of the “AdSupply” pop up that slides in from the left and then another ad page opens whenever I click on a cartoon. It’s extremely frustrating and it will not be long until I’ll cease to visit.

    I understand the need to generate revenue from the site. However, could you ask your webmaster to find a less frustrating method?

    BTW, I tried to send this message using the Contact Us method but the message failed to send.

  • Barbara

    Good one..

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