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Thug Lives Matter

  • Jaycee Harland

    love it… but the shading is a bit off


    Anyone else notice that when a leftist dis-function occurs, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Republican rally, violence breaks out?

    • ron8072

      Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are obviously “leftist dis-functions” but how can a Republican rally fit into that group?
      Obama has incited riots, cop deaths, and many other outrages. What Republican rally ever caused that? Just asking for clarification.

  • donl

    Cartoon is spot-on. Bernie is as bad as Hitlery.

  • joeupyoursCS

    The Obama administration released its final rule that makes it easier for the technology industry to utilize cheap foreign labor for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs rather than hire American graduates. Under the rule, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will allow foreign STEM degree-holders to remain in the country and work on their student visas for up to three years after they graduate. The finalized rule involves extending the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program – a DHS creation to keep foreign “students” in the country – from 12 months after graduation to 36 months for those in the STEM field.(REMEMBER THE demoRATS AND UNIONS GAVE YOU THIS MF’ER!)

  • kerry88

    What the Trump fans need to do is to make the effort to slug the socialist thug, or any other opposition to free speech, in their crotch. Then maybe a good hard stomp on the top of their ideological big feet. That should cause enough ideological pain to keep them out of trouble for awhile.

  • Insurgent

    These thugs carry on the same $hit that was started and encouraged by the undocumented muslim in Florida and St. Louis.

    And then these mental midgets wonder why people have no respect for their sorry black @$$e$????

  • jong

    Should have let the riots develop then and there and gotten it over with . Now these thugs feel free at any time or place to act like brown shirts in service of ole jug ears and his regime

  • wooleyoutwest

    I am not sure how much of the rest of the country works, but here in Idaho that cartoons characters are backwards! LOL

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