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Too Big to Fill

  • kasper-ghost

    A very astute analysis. One very large on for “her”. And hundreds of more shoes for the rest of the corruption that walks on that hill. And a P.S. Herni & De Bird are adorable. But Herni and I need to discuss the pros and cons of Trump vs Cruz. 😉

  • ron8072

    Although I constantly laugh at your ‘toons, and this one was no different, I found this a bit of lib fiction. Nixon committed kindergarten crimes and was dealt with harshly! Clinton has instigated the “ousting” (murder) of Qaddafi and killed untold thousands of Libyans! Then she was the key player in the Benghazi Murders! She was not available during the uprising and lied to the parents of the victims when she told them she would make sure the makers of the video would be punished! What a boat load (shoe full) of crap! She was running guns to Syrian rebels using Ambassador Stevens as the point man. She deserted him and the others and let them die instead of sending help to save them! Libs love to denigrate Nixon but refuse to hold the Hildebeast accountable for anything she has done. What about the email server? What about the highly classified information she sent over that insecure email address? Clinton cannot be likened to Nixon. Like comparing apples and broccoli!

  • M J

    At least with Pres. Nixon, you do not have to ask where all the bodies are buried!

  • jong

    At this point one only has to feel sorry for Nixon. His “sins” were minor compared to what the DNC has “blossomed” into. Full blown marxism.

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