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GOP Family Vacation

  • Igor

    One can hope the vehicle will either have engine trouble or a flat tire. Cruz is trying to throw a spike strip down, we’ll see if he succeeds!

    • george

      If he doesn’t, we’re in serious trouble.


    The rinos just don’t get it!

    • Jeffrey Gerolmo

      RINOs ? Trump is a New York Liberal . A RINO is about 150 degrees right of this guy . Trump is the Planned Parenthood man of the year , supports single payer healthcare and eluded to it in the debates yesterday , is neutral on Isreal and sees no difference between Hamas and Isreal , talks about unworkable trade taxes when simply reversing Obama’s record tax rates and onerous regulations will solve most of that and his only foreign policy suggestion is to bomb people and order our military to commit war crimes. Who the f–k are these ROOMs you are talking about ? Cruz ? Rubio ? Both TEA Party darlings ? Kasich ? The only man in any party to balance budgets , rebuild the military and create millions of jobs by establishing conservative policies and entitlement reform ? RINO? Trump would have to undergo years of brain surgery and rehabilitation to get to RINO. He is Hillary 2 !

      • george

        Thank God for someone with half a brain. You can outline it for all of these pitiful fools but you cannot think for them. God help us!

    • george

      It’s not the RINO’s that don’t get it, it’s an uninformed, misinformed or worst of all, a stupid electorate that cannot see that the Democraps and their lap dog Republicrats have a plan and it is working. That’s who doesn’t get it.

  • TKList

    Trump can not make America great again. Trump is a billionaire because he has mastered crony capitalism, not free market capitalism.

    Trump wants his own version of big government.

    Trump says anything that is beneficial to his goals at the moment in time that he says it. Which means what he says will always be changing to fit his current wants and needs.

    Trump’s next book should be titled “The Art of BS.”

    We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.

    Our constitutional republic would be truly tested by a Trump presidency.

    Choose limited federal government. Stop making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists. Stop increasing the power of connected corporations.

    • Evan White

      I still think we need a redneck in the whitehouse.

      • Jeffrey Gerolmo

        Like Hillary ?

    • george

      Thank God for a ray of sanity. If T-rump manages to pull it off, we’re in deep excrement.

  • Rescue873

    Good one, Tony. I like Trump. He is talking the talk. He can run a business which is more than Obama has done or will ever do. I will vote for him. He is 1000 times better than the illegal that sits in the White House now.

    • george

      Another vote for hillary.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      Almost everyone I talk to is voting for TRUMP.

      • Jeffrey Gerolmo

        Then they are voting for Hillary or that is Obama III.

  • psychicbloodbrother

    He forgot to put an elephant head on Trump. The lead RINO is driving the van.

    • Jeffrey Gerolmo

      I wish he was even smart enough to be a RINO. . He is a Liberal ! A Hillary supporting Cronie Capitalist .

  • Matt

    LOVE THE CARTOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KBR

    So many boogers, but not enough. Boogerman is Wall Street and NAU globalist. All the commenters know it. Including the boogers.

  • 61

    Trumps kicking ass and they can’t stop him. I’ll be back from time to time to hear y’all cry.Too sad!!!

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