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Empty Nesters

  • theshadow

    Wait until hillary attacks him for being a jew…..


      Awesome! However, don’t be surprised if he is the only one to die in a plane crash or die of a heart attack, or NO autopsy is performed.

      • jong

        And Guevara is so smart she knew it was a heart attack with out even looking at the body. And then the stories stared changing a sure bet that there is something rotten in the State of Texas and its not Conservatives.

  • CrystalClaire

    LOL!! Love that one! Hysterical!

  • Arthur Ittus

    A jew is bad, but a communist, what could be worse?


      Why is being a Jew bad?????

      • Arthur Ittus

        I detest jews, and i’m not gunna explain.
        bet you don’t like certain people either, yur privlage

    • LawtonOkie

      Let me guess….an ex Ron Paul supporter?

      • Arthur Ittus

        who’s ron paul?

  • ron8072

    We better hope he doesn’t find his next niche in OUR HOUSE! Branco, I am so tired of Progressive Liberals, a.k.a. Socialists, both out and closeted! Thanks for the chuckle!

  • AppraisHer

    “Bernie Sanders was nothing but a bum til he found his niche in government”…and we’re still keeping the bum.

  • KJ

    Bernie isn’t a bum any more?

  • Veteranasm

    He is still a bum !

  • jong

    Bernie is your arch typical self loathing Jew.

  • Rayne


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