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Deadly Game

  • TKList

    Hillary will be indicted.

    • rehabber

      I would not bet that this “JUSTICE” dept will charge her with anything, she has to much dirt on the muslim president.

    • NewWest 123

      Nope or at least not under the “Regime”. Guaranteed if Ted Cruz gets this,’he will be the only one who will put her in Leavenworth!

  • kasper-ghost

    Or… the infamous words of Mark Twain: “If voting made any difference, They would not let us do it”. All in the “planning”, possibly?

  • geronl

    No real difference between Hillary and her friend and long time supporter Trump. No difference at all.

    • rehabber

      Trump is a businessman and gave money to BOTH parties to buy favors, that is what businessmen do. I had rather have a president that bought favors than one that has been bought.

    • LKS

      Oh give me a break. I am no Trump supporter, but no difference? We are toast if Hillery or Sanders get elected.

  • ron8072

    I understand what you are saying but we better pray that the Hildebeast doesn’t step foot into OUR HOUSE ever again! Branco, you do make things clear and understandable!

  • clayusmcret

    Republican infighting at the power level is going to give us Hillary. When that happens, the republican party is toast. If Hillary doesn’t outlaw it, the people will.

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