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Day Of Reckoning

  • TKList

    Trump can not make America great again. Trump is a billionaire because he has mastered crony capitalism, not free market capitalism.

    Trump wants his own version of big government.

    Trump says anything that is beneficial to his goals at the moment in time that he says it. Which means what he says will always be changing to fit his current wants and needs.

    Trump’s next book should be titled “The Art of BS.”

    We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.

    Choose limited federal government. Stop making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists. Stop increasing the power of connected corporations.

    • Paul621

      Obvious by your post here and your older posts YOU are simply anti-Trump.

      Two choices,
      1. YOU are a liberal running like a whimpering little afraid voter.
      2. YOU are on the side of one of the RINOs … ( also running like a whimpering little afraid voter)

      I, as many many others, are tired of the lifetime politicians.

      • TKList

        New Contract With America

        Abolish tax code and IRS.

        Enact the Fair Tax.

        Minimize regulations to only what is absolutely necessary.

        Balance the budget.

        Start decreasing the national debt.

        Abolish the Federal Reserve, the FDIC and all bank regulations except one; require full disclosure on full or fractional reserve backing of deposits.

        Treat gold, silver and cryptocurrencies as legal tender (not as an asset) for tax purposes.

        End the war on drugs. Decriminalize and legalize drugs.

        Immigration reform is necessary because of inadequate immigration policy and execution.

        Abolish the Farm bill

        Give all parents school vouchers.

        Abolish minimum wage laws.

        Get the federal government out of the student loan business.

        Get government out of the health insurance business as much as possible. Limit them to limited regulations and financial support to those who need it.

        Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare and VA hospitals should be phased out.

        People under these programs and those who are financially below the poverty level should be given a yearly amount that they could use to purchase health insurance.

        Keep the federal regulation stating that insurance companies have to cover pre-existing conditions as long as the person had previous insurance.

        Allow people to purchase insurance from any state.

        Deregulate state health insurance markets.

        Unhinge medical insurance from employers in the tax code.

        Getting government out and increasing competition in this way will lower health care costs. It cuts the bureaucracy costs, cuts the fraud costs and improves competition and quality of care.

        Abolish the FHA, HUD, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Repeal the Community Reinvestment Act.

        Update the safety net. Have a means tested financial safety net, not a safety net based on government run programs for everyone.

        Pay employees their full pay and let them choose to who and how much of their pay goes to their medical insurance, pension fund, and long-term care fund.

        Stop letting companies, unions, cities, states and federal government mismanage and underfund promised benefits.

        Liberate the paychecks of hard-working Americans from the convoluted tax code and dictates of politicians on how to save for retirement.

        Support politicians that promise to get rid of laws and regulations that are obsolete or ineffective, instead of the ones that promise to enact more laws and regulations.

        Pass and ratify an Amendment to the Constitution to require a 60% supermajority in the House to pass any new legislation and a simple majority to repeal any legislation.

        Pass a Constitutional Amendment for congressional term limits.

        Choose limited federal government. Stop making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists. Stop increasing the power of connected corporations.

        • VeeDub57

          Great list of things the GOP could accomplish (or at least make an effort to try to fix) while controlling BOTH Houses of CONgress!

        • Average Joe

          That sounds all-fully familiar. Oh that’s right TRUMP SAID THAT !

          • TKList

            Quite the opposite.

        • cllee

          It has been proven by some of the smartest Economist in the country that Trump’s tax plan is the only plan that will set the US back to recovery. You need to read more so you can at least talk here with some kind of knowledge as to what the issues are for each candidate

          • TKList

            Abolish the tax code,16th Amendment and IRS, stop the self-imposed insanity.

            Do you like jumping through tax code hoops, do you like missing 33% of your paycheck every payday, do you like hiring an accountant, do you like worrying about an audit, do you like figuring out what you can legally invest your money in every year, do you like being manipulated by the tax code?

            If your answer is yes do nothing, if it is no; start voting for people who pledge to abolish the IRS and the tax code, who will support the repeal of the 16th Amendment and who support the Fair Tax.

            I do not like a bloated tax code that makes the poor and middle class pay payroll taxes; that makes people trying to invest to send their kids to college or for retirement to have to hire a professional in order to jump through the code’s hoops. I do not like that the tax code is manipulated by the rich through lobbyists. I do not like making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists because of this tax code. I do not like increasing the power of connected corporations because of this tax code that they attempt to manipulate.

            I want progress. Sound familiar? To progress away from a corrupt system that no one can defend.

        • danstewart

          Agree with all, except the “fair tax”, it is NOT fair. Retired people have paid income taxes our whole working life, now we’re retired on a small fixed income & have to continue paying taxes. The only fair way to go is with a “flat tax”. If you make 100 thousand, you pay maybe 15%, if you make 100 million, you pay 15%. This is the only way to be fair. For you who are ready to jump on me, below a certain salary, no income taxes.

          • TKList

            The Fair Tax is fair and does not hurt people on fixed incomes. It has a prebate. Read about it:

          • danstewart

            Yes, it’s a sales tax & I don’t see any thing fair about it. If someone makes a billion dollars a year but spends only 50 thousand, they pay taxes on 50 thousand. The prebate is a crock. Everyone who gets a salary above the poverty line should pay the same percentage in taxes. Of course this is a futile discussion because the politicians aren’t going to let it happen.

          • jong

            The Fair Tax or something like it are the only way the Founding Fathers would have allowed such a “National” tax and it would have never allowed a “IRS” since it would conflict with States rights.

        • jong

          Some not all. To far libertarian for me. Although Paul did endorse Cruz

      • psychicbloodbrother

        We are all tired of lifetime politicians and people telling us what we want to hear. Pick up a protest sign a or a bull horn if your vote is a protest vote. We need to elect a real conservative that clings to the Constitution not another DEAL MAKING crony capitalist. Please know we are all upset but we need to be objective about what happens after the election not just what happens this week in this popularity contest that only benefit the establishment media. Donald Has more in common with Shillary, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Boehner , Mcconnel and so on…. and all the other establishment dealmakers than any other candidate in the race. How he pulled of this mythology that he is an outsider is textbook what we are against. Be careful what you wish for….a zebra cannot change its stripes. I like what he is saying and i want to believe him but there is no substance just hope n change 2.0. New York Values??

        • jong

          Precisely. Smoke and mirrors. Trump however has given us clues. His thoughts on PPH, eminent domain, Now when he attacked when attacked I can understand. However, when he attacked Bush and then got in bed with Christie. Now for all you Trump lovers how do you explain that.

        • Smart Southerner

          So you want another silver-tongued Lawyer / career politician like the one in office now:

          Let’s play “WHO DAT?”

          1. Born in a foreign country

          2. Mother was an American citizen

          3. Father was a foreign citizen at the time of his birth

          4. Went to Harvard & got a law degree

          5. Became an Attorney & worked for a law firm

          6. Never held a private sector job outside of being a lawyer, or for government or university

          7. Never owned a business

          8. Became a Senator

          9. Accomplished nothing as a Senator

          10. Wife was also an attorney

          11. Ran for President

          12. Constantly lied to the American people throughout his campaign

          13. Claims to be a Christian while lying through his teeth

          14. Challenged in court over his citizenship & eligibility to be President

          So, Who Dat? Obama or Cruz?

          Answer: Cruz…because nobody knows WHERE Obama was born.

          Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero

          Raphael Edward Cruz aka Ted Cruz

          History repeating itself? … don’t be fooled this time.

          Add this: Cruz also served as private counsel for Congressman John Boehner during Boehner’s lawsuit against Congressman Jim McDermott for releasing a tape recording of a Boehner telephone conversation.

          • psychicbloodbrother

            Lets start with why you are supporting a lifelong democrat, who at best can now be called a RINO. Did it take you a month to come up with this list or did you just cut and past this plagiaristic smear?

          • Smart Southerner

            Trump is not a life long Democrat. He switched parties a long time ago & became a Republican.

            Ronald Reagan switched parties & became a Republican, too.

            What’s your point?

          • psychicbloodbrother

            There is no morale equivalence. The records speak for themselves. Reagan changed 16+ years before he ran for president, governed as a conservative demonstrating his change to conservatism. Donald changed his name only and has a Democrat record and no values or principles except win at all costs. Men like (D)onald are called RINO’s for a reason.

      • gmhunt4

        Trump is a “white” Obama, loves BIG government, ObamaCare, hires illegal worker with touchback for illegals, private land grabber, makes clothing in china and mexico, taxes, wall street bailouts………..has NO plan, except to make money for his self…..

        • Smart Southerner

          You have been reading too much anti-Trump propaganda.

          Trump is a developer. He hires Construction companies to build his fabulous structures. The construction companies do 100% of the hiring of their workers.

          Atlantic City was going to take the elderly woman’s home by Eminent Domain, not Trump. Atlantic City offered her $250,000. Trump offered her $1 Million for the property. She turned him down & he dropped it.

    • kasper-ghost

      TKList, I am afraid you are not truly “listening” to Donald Trump. I don’t agree on everything, (with anyone), but the man is brilliant. How many of the “other’s” are bringing in not just Republicans, but Democrats and Independents to his side? He didn’t get to where he is today by not listening to all sides before making very smart decisions.

      • psychicbloodbrother

        Nice try….But this is a false claim. This big tent party you are claiming he is creating is basically saying you will accept the republican party as the NEW Democrat party which is more inclusive. This is textbook establishment meme that we have been hearing for years and we don’t like it when RINO’s make this “Big Tent” claim. Why is is different when trump makes this claim? You’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe it. I want to believe his empty populist rhetoric , but I don’t. A lot of democrats are voting for him because he is a democrat masquerading as a republican. These open primaries are likely full of Hillary voters voting for Trump because they want him as the nominee more than republicans cause the media will protect her and turn on him after the nominations. Shillary/Trump are BOTH New York liberals telling people what they want to hear. In not drinking the Koolaid, he is not inevitable, and he is not an outsider like he claims, having supported so many positions as to not have any positions. I like Trump but don’t trust him at all, his words don’t match his actions.

        • kasper-ghost

          Time will tell all. Until then, he has my vote. And I do trust he is 99% better than all the rest combined.

          • psychicbloodbrother

            pass the kool-aid……

          • Smart Southerner

            What’s the difference between the fake Preacher Cruz & Hillary? 2 lawyers, career politicians & serial liars who will say anything to get elected.

          • psychicbloodbrother

            You shall know them by their fruits. Why do most trump supporters look past all of his BS and hurl smears at Cruz? The better question is what’s the difference between Trump & Hillary? ……..We already know what they have in common.

          • Smart Southerner

            Cruz & Hillary are LIARS. I’m so sick of Cruz’ lies and deceitful practices that I can barely stand to look at him. Reminds me of Obama.

          • psychicbloodbrother

            (D)onald is never deceitful, never lies, & has always been a great leader. (D)onald is the most honest thoughtful principled man I have ever known. (D)onald is the one we have been waiting for. Keep chugging the Koolaid. “Make America Great Again” = “Hope & Change 2.0”. You’re false morale equivalencies and false witness testimony are both violations of the top ten.

          • kasper-ghost

            Why? Did you already drink from the cup?

          • Smart Southerner

            We feel the same!

    • cllee

      TKlist is a bought an paid guy from the establishment Go vote for the Lair and crimminal Hillary.

    • jong

      I agree. Trump thinks he is Reagan. I knew Ronald Reagan since I worked for his administration. Trump is far from Reagan. Cruz is the nearest candidate that fits the bill. Just ask those that remain from that time. Col Edwin Meese III or his chief of staff Mark Levin.

      • Smart Southerner

        TOTAL BS! Cruz keeps trying to “claim” he is another Reagan. He is the opposite. I worked on Reagan’s campaign. Cruz is NO Ronald Reagan! Cruz is more like Hillary, a serial LIAR!

        • psychicbloodbrother

          Please produce the lies that trump and his mindless supporters claim he made or makes……..If Cruz is a liar Trump is s lying liar who lies about his lies. Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same coin. Any objective view of their policies would show that, both are lifelong democrats who trade truth for influence to get ahead on the backs of others. BTW if you are still supporting trump after all of the poor performance, and in the tank corrupt media support along with all of the underhanded tactics to smear rather than lead with principle you might need to remove part of your handle.

        • jong

          And I worked for Reagan and no one is Ronald Reagan. Cruz however is the best we have had in a long time. And what lies??? Just because Trump in his rants and raves call him one does not make it so. Trump himself is the liar. For instance first saying he would not sue Cruz and when Cruz started winning he threatened that he would. That is a example of a fact.

          • Smart Southerner

            Provide a link.

          • jong

            After you. You called Cruz a liar. Now back it up.

  • kasper-ghost

    Fantastico again Mr. Branco. You hit the nail on the head as always. It IS the gop good ol boy establishment that does need to be sent to the woodshed for all of it’s crony capitalism and corruption. They know Mr. Trump will not be helping to line their pockets by all those lobbyist. Oh my! They may have to just do their jobs they were elected to do. Or….better yet, get the hades out of Washington DC altogether. Thank you for another insightful drawing as to why most people no longer trust the government.

  • Donald York

    Iv’e got my cold drink and popcorn ready for 9pm debate.
    Go Cruz!

  • VeeDub57

    A vote for Rubio, Cruz, Shillary, or Sanders is a vote for more of the same. BOTH political Parties have made promises, that they failed to keep when they’ve had control of the White House and BOTH Houses of CONgress.

    Where America is today is a direct result of what BOTH Parties in CONgress have done TO America. “We the People” didn’t spend the money, start the wars, pass stupid laws or sell votes for money. CONgress did. Republicans in power did. Democrats in power did.

    EVERY government program is broken and going broke, lacking any accountability, because CONgress didn’t require any. They were only concerned with paying back their campaign contributors, not fixing problems.

    The GOP bailed on America, handing obama one victory after another for the last 7 years. Now conservatives are bailing on the GOP….. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

    What the GOP essentially did was show us that they are NOT the Party of the conservative. Instead they have proven they are just as greedy and just as big a bunch of spend happy liars as the democrats.

    As the democrats have steadily morphed into socialism, the republicans have steadily morphed into democrats. Power and control is now more important to the GOP than conservatism. Reagan would be ashamed of them!

    The questions now are;
    Will the GOP leadership finally admit that THEY are the ones responsible for so many people bailing on their Party favorites, and change their course?
    And will Americans quit voting to keep the status quo in power?

  • Ron Alford

    I don’t think they have the ability to understand it.

  • Tommy Tunez

    Dear Republican Voter:

    We write to you today as American citizens, and as The Remembrance Project’s “stolen lives” families who have lost our children, siblings, parents and other close family members to senseless illegal alien killings. To bury your own child or loved one causes a pain beyond description or imagination, and a suffering we will carry every day of our lives.

    As surviving families, we ask “Why was this allowed to be done to our innocent loved ones?” The inconvenient truth is that we have been betrayed by politicians who have not merely failed, but who have intentionally refused to enforce our immigration laws that would protect our families. Consequently, the people we so dearly loved have been sacrificed, many murdered in cold blood, by violent criminal illegal aliens who should never have been allowed into our communities.

    Sadly, the single most egregious Congressional promoter of open borders is GOP Senator Marco Rubio. As a key member of the notorious “immigration reform” Gang of Eight committee, Rubio’s amnesty plan was hatched, not only to give mass amnesty to illegals, but was done through daily lies about its contents:

    • Rubio boldly claimed it was security first — but it was amnesty first, security never.

    • Rubio said no amnesty for criminals — but in reality it allowed amnesty to some of the most dangerous criminals in America.

    • Rubio said it was the toughest bill ever — it was the worst bill ever, supported by virtually every open borders politicians inside and outside Congress.

    Through this process, Senator Rubio steadfastly ignored our families and the warnings of law enforcement. Not once did he reach out to our families, or other families whose loved ones’ were killed by the illegal aliens. In the aftermath of 2013, and even today, each time Rubio has a chance to do something on behalf of American victims, he chooses instead to push amnesty and side with open borders and foreign interests to make life harder and more dangerous for law-abiding American families.

    We do not want other families to die at the hands of illegal aliens. We want to end the massacre of innocents in exchange for enriching open border self-interest cartels. We are pleading with the Republican voter: Reject Rubio.

    Send a message to every politician in Washington D.C.: if you betray American citizens, you will never occupy the Oval Office.


    Maria Espinoza

    Co-founder and Nat’l Director

    Juan Benavides – His brother, Jessie 32, was shot nine (9) times at a children’s birthday party. His young son witnessed the murder. Jesse was his only living family member. Dallas, Texas, is a sanctuary city.

    Deborah Benson Benton – Her brother, David 55, was run over by illegal who had been drinking all night in parking lot of local Mexican restaurant. The impact severed David’s legs. David became lodged in the windshield. Illegal drove around trying to dislodge his body.

    Jim and JoAnne Binger – Daughter, Brittany16, raped and viciously murdered. Illegal crushed her face with rock. Brittany was their only surviving child.

    Jeri Countryman – Daughter, Dani 16, raped and viciously murdered by 2 illegals.

    Sabine Durden – Son, Dominic 32 pilot and EMS personnel was, run over while motorcycling to work by an illegal with priors. Dominic was her only child.

    Michael Fromer – Son, Joshua 19, run over while motorcycling to work by an illegal alien.

    Dan Golvach – Son, Spencer 25 year old, shot in the head by illegal while sitting in his truck at a traffic light. Only child of

    Charlene Gonzalez – Husband, Dr. Mario Gonzalez 56, shot several times by 4 illegals who attempted kidnap of Mrs. Gonzales, who was pregnant.

    Patricia and Daniel Gonzalez – Son, Reece 24, stabbed to death during home invasion while visiting his disabled uncle.

    Bill and Teri Hartzell – Grandmother, Louise Sollowin 93, raped and beaten to death.

    Billy and Cathy Inman – Son, Dustin 16, family was rear-ended by alleged drunk illegal alien. Cathy is permanently disabled and sustained brain injury. Dustin was their only child.

    Merrell and Mona Kilborn – Mother, Margaret 90, killed by illegal alien driving drunk.

    Sue Krentz – Husband, Robert 58, shot by illegal alien “south-bounder” who had delivered drugs into USA, robbed two homes, and used stolen gun to shoot Rob, a father and grandfather.

    Kisha and Chris Lambert – daughter, Shatavia 14, shot in the back during robbery. Illegal stole her pendant, an earring, and $7.

    Maureen Grossi Laquerre – Brother, Richard, killed when illegal ran stop sign and flashing red light, slamming into Richard’s motorcycle near his home. He died 6 weeks later.

    Elaine Lofink – Husband, Robert 75, tire from trailer driven by illegal crashed into their car.

    Vickie Schermock Lyon – Daughter, Dennielle 25 and mother of 2, head on collision by drunk illegal alien. Illegals family removed him from hospital in middle of night and remains at large.

    Maureen Maloney – Son, Matthew 23, while on his motorcycle, a drunk illegal alien crashed into Matthew. Matthew became lodged in the fender of the truck and dragged over ¼ mile while illegal attempted to flee from scene.

    Brian McCann – Brother, Denny McCann 66, while walking he was hit and dragged by drunk illegal alien.

    Mary Ann Mendoza – Son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, crashed into by drunk illegal alien driving wrong way on several different freeways.

    Angie Moreno – Son, Ruben Morfin 13__, shot in the head by illegal while walking to his grandmothers.

    Don Rosenberg – Son, Drew 23, run over 3 times by illegal alien while motorcycling.

    Carrie and Lou Ruiz – Daughter, Felicia 16, stabbed over 39 times by an illegal alien who fled and remains free.

    Brenda Sparks – Son, Eric Zepeda 22, while motorcycling with his girlfriend, illegal alien crashed into them. Eric succumbed to his injuries 6 weeks later.

    Ray Tranchant – Daughter, Tessa 16, rear-ended by drunk illegal alien. Tessa and her best friend, Allyson Kunhardt was also killed.

    Carol Vizzi – Son, Justin Goodman 32,father and husband, killed by illegal alien while motorcycling to work. Jason was Carol’s only child.

    Rhonda West – Son, Kendrick 14, killed by drunk illegal alien while walking to school with a friend.

    Laura and George Wilkerson – Son, Joshua 17, choked, tortured, dumped in a field and burned by illegal DREAMer classmate whom he gave a ride home from school.

    Clarissa Winchester – Rachel Click, killed in car crash by drunk illegal alien.

    Kathy Woods – Son, Steven 17, killed when gang of illegals attacked him and his friends. Smashed window with iron pipe, then pierced Steven’s skull with a sharpened paint roller handle.

  • Tommy Tunez

    Raise your hand if you are voting for Hillary. Good. Now smack yourself with it, you freaking idiot.

  • Tommy Tunez

    In typical fashion of desperation, the morons in the Republican establishment come out to provide full support to the two candidates (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio) that not only couldn’t win a General Election, but are both ineligible to legally serve as POTUS even if they were elected. This is the same Republican establishment logic that gave us not one, but two terms of Barack Obama. The idiots running the RNC have their heads so firmly planted up their own aszes that their doctors are shocked to find that they have vital signs.

    Some inconvenient facts about Marco Rubio:
    1) Rubio is an Anchor Baby. He is a living example of an individual we do NOT want as POTUS.

    2) Rubio was part of the ‘Gang Of Eight’ that tried to push “The Amnesty Package of the Century” over on the American people.

    3) Both of Rubio’s parents are Cuban Nationals so Marco is not a “Natural Born Citizen” and he disqualified under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution to legally serve as POTUS if he was elected.

    4) In 1990 Marco Rubio was arrested having sex with a known gay prostitute Angel Barrios in a closed park.

    5) Rubio could not beat Killary or Unlce Bernie in the General Election even if both Killary and Uncle Bernie dropped dead strokes the week before the General Election.

    Some inconvenient facts about Ted Cruz:
    1) Ted Cruz is married to Hiedi Cruz, an executive at Goldman Sacks – the same Goldman Sacks that was in the middle of the financial meltdown of 2007-2008. He is a living example of an individual we do NOT want as POTUS.

    2) Ted Cruz has accomplished absolutely NOTHING in his time in the U.S. Senate.

    3) Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970, at Foothills Provincial General Hospital in Calgary, Alberta Canada , to parents Eleanor Elizabeth (Darragh) Wilson and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz. Tthe fact that he was born in Canada alone makes him ineligible to legally serve as POTUS under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

    4) Rafael Bienvenido Cruz (Ted’s father) was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1939 – which makes him a Cuban National. Even though Elizabeth (Darragh) Wilson (Ted’s mother) was born in Delaware on Nov. 23, 1934 it doesn’t matter because Ted’s father was not born in the U.S. – because BOTH parents must be Native Born U.S. Citizens to bestow the “Natural Born Citizen” Birthright. Therefore, since Ted Cruz is not a “Natural Born Citizen” he is not eligible under Article 2, Section 1, Cause 5 to legally serve as POTUS.

    5) Like Rubio, Ted Cruz could not beat Killary or Unlce Bernie in the General Election even if both Killary and Uncle Bernie dropped dead strokes the week before the General Election.

  • junkmailbin

    time to stop the knife fight and quit poisioning the pond.
    It is the people who speak not the elite. RNC/conservatives that have decided they want someone different than the voters are nothing more than liberal progressive socialists with jobs, suits, and slightly better morals than democrats

  • Average Joe

    The GOP created the vacuum that put Trump at the top of the list. They have failed to the people that put them in office.

  • Curmudgeon

    Whoever ends up our candidate, we must all unite behind him to defeat the liar Hillary, under FBI investigation for felonies regarding our national security, or the Socialist Sanders. Sitting out, voting for a third party, or writing in a name wastes your needed vote.

  • Marvin Zeichner

    Who else is there, It’s only Trump and two polititions and one idiot.

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