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Trump Phenomenon


    People are tired of being called racists, P.C. crapola, preferential treatment, whining, dumbing down of testing, illegal entitlements…………

  • ProfElwood

    The more desperate the press becomes, the better Trump looks. I still have my reservations, but I understand the phenomenon perfectly.

  • david

    If the GOP wants to be taken seriously they need to oppose the liberal agenda. otherwise they are just democrat light. The voters are more conservative than their representatives in both parties

  • Reflect

    The establishment Gop and Dumocrats just don’t get it..The People, the electorate, the masses, are sick and tired of the same ole’ same ole! Right or wrong they are going to grab the first bus out of town, whether it be Trump or Barney Fife. America is looking for leadership, not dictatorship, yet many are willing for the dictatorship such as in 2008, just to change the status qua.

  • Vince Fox

    What’s so hard to understand? Hillary supporters are voting for Trump in the GOP primary to keep Cruz from being the nominee.

    They will vote for Hillary in the general and the GOP will lose. Again.


      Hillary for PRISON

    • Insurgent

      How do you breathe with your head up your @$$?

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Crawl back to massah Soros, useful idiot, & get back on your knees.

  • rehabber

    Sad part of all this is the GOP establishment still does not get it, we NEED TERM LIMITS badly. Put a stop to career politicians, no more retirement, they get that when they go home and get a REAL JOB.

    • Insurgent

      These idiots could not hold real jobs. They do not understand the word: WORK. That is why they are professional lying politicians!!!

  • geneww1938

    I just check the results and In the states of Al, AK, Ga, OK, TN, TX, and VA, of 9,325,343 total votes cast for the top 2 candidates of each party, the Republican team of Trump and Cruz received 913,967 (21%) more votes than votes than Clinton and Sanders. Trump only received 1.5% more than Cruz and only 8% fewer than Clinton but 84.5% more than Sanders.

    If we now consider and add the votes Carson, Kasich and Rubio, the turn-out of the Republicans was obviously energized.

    I look at numbers a little differently than news reporters.

    • jong

      Well stated and good logic.

  • jong

    Now however Trump is beginning to show some of his own problems. And its a big one. Its called fat boy Christie. More and more people are going to wonder what a person that is supposedly anti-establishment is doing with one of the King of the RINO’s warmly welcoming him.

  • DOOM161

    Thing is, Trump promises amnesty, more obamacare, and talks of planned parenthood the sane way hillary does.

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