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E Tu Lindsey?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    As the scourge of the Republican Establishment in the Senate, Ted Cruz has proven himself to be the only man of principle there. Yet, Grhamnesty considers this a detriment.

    • tnetcenter

      Of Course it’s a detriment!! Can’t be an effective RINO when you HAVE principles!!

  • DangRight

    No one really cares what Lousy Grahamnesty has to say. It would take at least a couple more years of schooling for Grahamnesty to be a low level dolt!

  • JimBob

    …and this statement comes from one of the world’s biggest RINOs. Come on South Carolina, vote Graham out!!!!

    • Junius Graham

      We tried but the SC GOP elite pulled all the strings to re elect him anyway.
      The SC GOP elite is as bad as the DNC!

      • Libertarian Soldier

        Worse! They’re supposed to be the opposition party!

      • JimBob

        I understand. My intent really isn’t to put down the fine voters of South Carolina–although it did sound like it. My intent is to expose Lindsey Graham as a big, fat RINO.

        • Junius Graham

          No offense taken, RINOS do not deserve Re-Election! They are traitors to the American people.


    Epitome of what is wrong with the Repuke Party.

  • Karll

    And if hellary or barry were to strangle a puppy on nationwide TV,
    the left stream media would claim the mutt had it coming.

    • Americans Wake Up

      Or it’s the republicans fault for not finding it a home.

      • Conservative Not Republican

        Your point is well taken: With liberals, it is ALWAYS the fault of someone else.

        • 657241

          Usually the blame is the weather, right wing conspiracy, global warming, I take the fifth.

          • rehabber

            Bush’s fault.

          • Conservative Not Republican

            Yeah, that has been the standard fall back defense of the liberals for the last 8 years.

            But, I will say that they have convinced me. I am never going to vote for George Bush ever again. And that’s FINAL!! Hey, ya gotta draw a line in the sand someplace ya know.

          • jaybird

            Or any NWO Bush!

          • Conservative Not Republican

            I take the fifth too, but usually only when my wife is asking me questions. Of course, she also says I don’t listen to her…or something like that.

    • Conservative Not Republican

      I’ve used a very similar analogy: Mine was – “Hillary could be strangling kittens on the steps of the White House, and the liberals would find a way to justify it.”

      The sad part is that both of our statements are true.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    The same might be said of the Surrender 1st, Coward, Amnesty Graham, as well.

  • Dick

    And if you wanted to kill Rubio on the senate floor you couldn’t. Because he’s never there.

    • 657241

      That is the best description of Rubio’s “performance” and “accomplishment”. Besides he votes “present” at times that he is there at the senate floor. Maybe the would-be killer find out when he votes ‘present’ which is almost all the time he is actually present.
      Is this what we are paying him for?. Any third grader can write “present”

      This is fraud and abuse to the HILT.
      Watch and audit him in the next five years if he becomes the Pres. How did he get away when his houses in Florida was in foreclosure, and yet was able to buy a big yacht. People who could not handle their own money could not be trusted handling our people’s money. We as a country will be bankrupt soon. Oops I was told we are already bankrupt. The gov is just covering it up by printing money out of thin air.

      • rehabber

        Voting present worked for obama. lol

        • davnkatzr

          But Rubio could NOT vote “present” like Obozo because Rubio was ABSENT more often than present. Could that possibly mean that Obozo is a better president than Rubio can be? Hmmmmmmm

        • 657241

          zesn’t it just like Obama? or he is “PARROTING” OBAMA.
          As far as his eligibility, he is also “parroting” OBAMA.. MARCO RUBIO IS AN ANCHOR BABY. He is a “regular” US citizen, because he was born in US soil,Florida. But he is not NATURAL BORN, THEREFORE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR POTUS.
          TO BE CONSIDERED AND EARN THE STATUS OF NATURAL BORN and to be eligible for POTUS, the candidate has
          to meet these 2 requirements besides being over 35 years old:
          Marco Rubio failed. Both his parents were Cuban citizens at time of Marco’s birth in 1971. His parents were naturalized in 1974. All these data is public record.
          Ted Cruz is the worst one as far as eligibility is concerned. He failed absolutely both requirements. He was born in Canada. It is irrelevant whether his mom is American citizen or Canadian at time of Ted’s birth.
          Canada does not recognize or allow dual citizenship. His mom is not running for POTUS. His parents were required to apply for Canadian citizenship, according to Canadian Immigration law, or else they will be deported back to Cuba or to the USA. In the best case, his mom could convey, US citizenship only, NOT NATURAL Born. His father is still a Cuban citizen, or a NATURALIZED Canadian citizen at time of Ted’s birth.

          In any case, TED CRUZ at time of his birth in CANADA, have parents who are foreigners in the USA or in Canada. Either way he is not eligible to be POTUS. Maybe as prime Minister of Canada.
          TED COULD NOT INVOKE the case of John McCain., the military exemption. None of his parents were in the US military.

      • davnkatzr

        657241 – – That is the best description of Rubio’s “performance” and “accomplishment”
        The BEST description of Rubio’s performance and accomplishment is he is a PARROT. He talked like a Tea Party parrot to get elected. He immediately became a parrot of demoncraps and establishment rinos by writing the proposals of the Gang of Eight for amnesty. He then parroted those politicians who were for something before they were against it. In the last debate he was the parrot for his “handlers” – and the establishment rinos – with machine-gun-like – one-line zingers while showing his sh-t-eating grin. Now, he has adopted Ted Cruz’s policy and speech topics and delivers them as his own idea. Think about it! PARROT is the perfect description of Rubio. Then again, PHONY comes to mind.

        • 657241

          Thanks for the info. I think we are both right.

  • I_P_Frehley

    Et tu, Lady Lindsey?

  • REM1875

    Other than john mcrino and the media the people to mourn lindseeds passing would be kinda short.

    • davnkatzr

      WHAT!?!? Don’t you mean McCrud the rino?

  • carolynnsuewilliams

    Lindsey Graham is despicable,he should be charge with trying to incite a crime! And Thrown out of office and his “pension revoked”

  • davnkatzr

    Graham just continues doing three things.
    1. Displays his own ignorance.
    2. Demonstrates his betrayal of the Constitution and the people who elected him.
    3. Promotes the stupidity of those who elected him.

    • davnkatzr

      Now that I think about it a little more, we Texas don’t have any right to condemn Graham and the people of his state who keep electing him. We have our own John Carter in Congress and John Cornyn in the Senate. Both are “go-to” politicians when Obozo wants to get a bill passed. The one thing GOOD I can say about Carter and Cornyn is – at least so far – neither has gone on national TV to make fools of themselves by telling stupid political jokes. In reality, each time they run for re-election, they make stupid political jokes out of Texans who vote for them.

  • jmscrcrn

    I don’t care for the olive, but what he says in this case is true. It’s that bad.

  • Up Huff

    It wouldn’t take much more talk like that before a reasonable person could conclude that you could kill a Senator anywhere in the country and wouldn’t be able to find a jury of his/her peers to convict.

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