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Branco Past Blast Cartoon – Republicide

  • clayusmcret

    Almost as bad as the nationcide Mark Zuckerberg wants America to commit; along the same lines as the nationcide EU countries are currently undergoing.

  • rehabber

    I am not totally sold on Trump, but at least he would be a president that has bought politicians and not one that has been bought.

  • mari

    excellent, succinct and direct…Are you listening, rhinos? You should be trying to please your constituents, not those that will never approve of you much less like you.

    • Conservative Not Republican

      Unfortunately, that’s the problem: They haven’t been listening for the last 30 years. They keep thinking they can get amnesty passed if they just don’t call it amnesty. Regardless of what the corrupt establishment Republicans believe…we’re not stupid out here. We know, and have always known what their real goal is.

      This time however, there are two candidates running who are not playing the establishment Republican game. The establishment Republicans are in a panic that if Trump (or Cruz) wins, it will mean that for at least four years, their illegal alien, cheap labor gravy train, and incessant attempts to pass amnesty (yet again) will come to a screeching halt. They are beside themselves that there is a real possibility that their base may tell the establishment to take a hike. The establishment has always played the game of act conservative on the campaign trail and then go left once the election is over. This election cycle, the people aren’t going to play their game either.

      • mari

        I pray that you are right.

  • jong

    I have repeatedly said that if they wish to come along on our train they are welcome . But, dont expect for us to make a “special” stop for anyone. No pandering allowed. And no feeding the liberal “animals” with our tax payer money

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