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The Fix Is IN


    LMAO!!!! Come on Mr. Branco, quit glamorizing and paint them as they REALLY look.

    • A.F.Branco

      I don’t want to be censored for indecency…LOl

      • Wolff Bachner

        Having been the publisher of Vaughn Bode, Dave Geiser, Larry Todd, and Joe Coleman among many other great artists who began as cartoonists, I can say without any hesitation that you have the gift, Mr. Branco. Your work is brilliant.

  • cedarcreekman

    Paint the cesspool parasite as she really is, THE BENGHAZI KILLER. That is just four of the many the parasite and her pervert have eradicated over the years!

  • Donald J.

    As one well known advocate of the Socialist/Communist Party once said, “What difference does it make”!

  • Tyrone

    Only the Dems could put forth an old, never done anything other than live off the gov’t teat socialist and a washed up lying sack of excrement as valid presidential candidates.

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