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Up In Smoke

  • David S. McQueen

    How do these political “strategists” get their jobs? They obviously do not know much about politics or polling. I majored in Political Science in college and statistics (including polling) was a mandatory course in the first year. Yet, campaign after campaign, the Republican strategists miss the target and by a mile, too.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Yup. I have many times wondered if Karl Rove was working for the Dems.

      • george

        Wonder, are you serious?

  • jerry1944

    They should have got the message long ago and went conservative and T Cruz but they want They are too much like the dems now days for that

  • jong

    Hopefully now they will back Cruz. Rubio is a out right liar. That moron did not expect any of us to speak Spanish when he went on a radio station and proclaimed his wanting open borders. Then we have the lies that said Cruz wanted the same. Incorrect. Both Cruz and Sessions killed the gang of eights bill by demanding that their riders(amendments) be added or they would not vote for it. They did not. Also the lies of Cruz voting for the TPA have made the rounds with Rubio and some Trump supporters. Cruz voted against it. See his interview with Mark Levin. By the way for you Rubio shills and others Levin was Col Edwin Meese III chief of staff in the Ronald Reagan administration and can hardly be called either a RINO or a liar.

    • Beedogz

      Rubio is a Gang of Eight amnesty traitor. Cruz uses filthy dirty political tricks while claiming to be Christian. Both of them disgust me.

      • george

        It’s thinking like yours that is responsible for the predicament we are in today. I won’t bother to ask if your voting, it’s probably hillary anyway.

  • george

    Hey, it’s only money. The worthless lying illegal African has plenty of money laying around as long as it’s not for, oh I don’t know, …social security, border control or other infrastructure projects that are important to the strength of American. The disgusting traitor has sent billions to fund subversive islamic operations that are Hell bent on destroying America. When will the nasty piece of excrement ever get what he deserves, execution for high crimes and treason?

  • Watchdogman

    Super pacs should spell corruption when a candidate is endorsed and funded by big money..

  • Thoughtcriminal

    Money might get your message out, but it won’t make people listen to it.

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