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Wall of Fame vs Shame

  • Conservative Not Republican

    The difference between a wall, built by someone who wants to uphold the mandate of the Constitution to maintain secure borders….and a wall built by someone who doesn’t…. can be boiled down to this.

    The purpose of the wall built to enforce the mandate of the Constitution, is to keep people out.

    The purpose of the wall built by the communist liberal, is to keep people in.

    Never forget: Liberalism, if allowed to attain its ultimate goal of total control, becomes the equivalent of the Hotel California of political ideologies….”you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”

  • jong

    Communists build walls to hold the population in. Capitalists build them to keep people out. Which would you rather have??

  • Bri

    Bernie wants to open borders tho. Lmao

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