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Past Blast Cartoon – On The Job Training

  • David Fisher

    LOL, and that’s the way it was…….

  • AmericanPatriot

    Yep. socialist trained and knowing nothing useful or good.

    • luciteehee

      Noticed immediately? The white tubeless socks with dress shoes! TOO funny!

  • frankenbiker

    If the bobby socks fit 🙂

  • jong

    I would love to send ole jug ears and the whole of the DNC back in time say to 1980 in Poland. And watch exactly what socialism is. Lines around the block for tennis shoes that came in from a state run factory the kind that Sanders would have running. You wait all day for one style and one size of shoe. And you are lucky to get that.

    • rog363

      The problem is that our younger generation that is of voting age, know nothing of Socialism and they believe everything that Sanders tells them. We of an older generation who have lived through and seen Socialism fail everywhere it has been tried, know this but all they can hear is free stuff. They are to young to realize nothing in life is free. I have always told those that believe they are owed something, that “Yes the world owes you a living but you have to work damned hard to collect it”

    • liberalssuck

      Not to mention food lines.

  • Tyrone

    I’m not so sure Obama can read…

    • evan316

      I ignorance and illiteracy are a terrible thing to waste.

    • evan316

      It is not required to be a dim.

  • CrystalClaire

    I love the face on Putin! The, “What kind of idiot am I dealing with?” look.

    • evan316

      I find it a bit amusing, blacks come off in this world as morons and idiots, there are many that are not that way, but all the world sees of this lot are the idiots and morons. Gotta hand it to the libs, ya can’t get much dumber then that bunch. They seem to get dumber by the year. In the 60’s and before they had a few that had some brains, but it does seem that down hill is their mental direction and I think they have actually hit bottom, I hope.

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