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Ruff and Ready


    Very appropriate Ohillary!! Speaking in a language your fellow liberal women understand.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Normally, Branco’s cartoons are enjoyable, but this one is a pure delight.
    They don’t call her the Hilldog for nothing!

    • A.F.Branco

      Guilty pleasure? 🙂

  • vts46

    In case anyone forgot Obama admitted he used to eat dogs when he was younger.

  • Steven Swanson

    A Barking Pig !

    • ron8072

      With lipstick, no less!

  • jong

    Ah she must be going for the Westminster Kennel Club prize as last in show. As for ole jug ears he is showing his wife

    • Conservative Not Republican

      If she becomes the nominee, I pray that on election day, Hillary will be shown that she is not a dog, but, in fact, will become the political equivalent of the the only fire hydrant at the Westminster Dog Show.

      • jong

        I was hoping that for ole jug ears. After turn about is fair play 🙂

        • Conservative Not Republican

          Hope springs eternal…keep fighting the good fight!

          • jong

            That goes for all of us cheers.

  • Rick Jory

    Doesn’t anyone out there see how sad it is that this “lady” has no personality whatsoever? She is clueless. And yet there are minions out there that will follow her anywhere and will never really look at her behavior, her record, her lying, her financial shenanigans, etc. etc. etc. What a country!

  • MIKE6080

    was that her mating call ?

  • donl

    Typical Socialist mentality.

  • clayusmcret

    Was that her John Dean moment? YEAAaaAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • SFCGator

    Eating Hillary?!! That’s an “eewwww” on several different levels. (shudder)

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