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Negative Thinking

  • clayusmcret

    A dictatorial billionaire. Just what America needs.

    • pleazzer

      Can’t be much worse than all the other SOB’s have been doing to us for YEARS. At least Trump know how to make money and a deal. As we are 19 TRILLION in debt I will take my chances with a Billionaire that OWES NO ONE to get into the White House like the crooks that are running and borrowing money to try to get into the White House.

      • clayusmcret

        Actually, I was referring to Bloomberg.

        • pleazzer

          I agree with that one, he would be trying to restrict the weight of your steak or how much milk you could drink in a day. Or some other dictatorial actions like that.

  • DockyWocky

    Bernie needs to tell us more often that he’s gonna tax the living crap out of guys like Bloomberg. Trump, too. But I see lots of million and billionaires pulling up stakes and leaving for foreign shores taking their money with them.

    Just another phase in the destroy the US of A game liberal Democrats are playing since Little Bitty Jes-suhs, Johnson.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed

    Forget the taxes. Aren’t we taxed enough already? Some of these people have gotten rich because they are crooks and thieves and make so-called contributions which are really bribes. If honest police and judges would do the right thing then good people would do well. Do you really want crooks and liars to rule over you?

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