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Hillary Loses in New Hampshire

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Good one Branco !

    • A.F.Branco

      Thank you RJ

  • JMWinPR

    It doesn’t mean much, just like S.C. it was an “open” primary. Anyone can vote for anyone. Just like SC in 2008 McCain “won” Indies put him knowing full well they would vote D in the general election.

  • proudtexan62

    She is going to lose all the way to the final and will lose the General Election if the voter fraud and other shenanigans they are setting up are successful. Congress had better get her in an orange pantsuit before the General Election if they don’t want to see several hundred million mad American Patriots on the steps of the capital and their office buildings.

    • don

      really—you can not get 10 of us to agree on anything if it means you have to get up an act

  • The Truth

    Hillary’s DONE….I’ve been saying it for months.

    The REAL “threat” is….the purposefully “Dumbed Down” populous, who would even think they should VOTE for a; 1960’s, Dope Smoking, Radical, Marxist Progressive, 75 Year Old LOON.

  • ron8072

    Hildebeast’s world is getting rocked again! Makes me smile! When you consider how much damage and pain the Clintons have doled out, along with her utter disregard for well known laws, prison would be the least of what she deserves. The Presidency? Not so much!
    Another great one, AFBRANCO!

  • MajJohn

    She might have lost but she received the majority of the delegates.

  • clayusmcret

    That was a definite snickerer. Not quite a guffaw, but it was definitely out loud.

  • rank

    She lost the vote by a landslide. However, thanks to the Super Delegate fiasco she will have 15 delegates, which is the same as Sanders received by winning the vote…. in a landslide. The fix is in. Trump 2016!

  • mudguy1

    Hillary may have lost, but leave it up to the Democrats even though she lost the vote she won the delegate count.

  • chvietvet

    The Clintons have already realized the American dream. From trailer trash to successful national politicians in just a few years by asking only what their country could do for them and never what they could do for their country. Bill dodged the draft and was given a free ride through college. Hillary helped him into the White House by scamming lots of old folks out of their life savings at Whitewater. Her business partner and former governor of Arkansas was sentenced to prison for it, but Bill’s influence kept his First Lady from criminal prosecution by our thoroughly corrupt Justice Department. Bill’s first campaign manager, Robert Reich, was another draft-dodging Rhodes scholar, who organized successful anti-American demonstrations in England during the Vietnam War. He was rewarded by Bill with the job of Secretary of Labor. It was a good choice because the Labor Department was successfully making it so difficult for veterans of the Vietnam Era to find jobs that the streets of most American cities were filled with destitute and homeless Vietnam vets on their way to an early grave through the actions of the government, which they had defended with their lives. After turning all American industrial activity over to China and escaping conviction after his impeachment for frequent perjury, Bill and Hillary left their respected positions in government to settle down in their modest million dollar mansion. The mortgage payments for this beautiful monument to crime that pays were provided entirely by the rent this clever and successful couple charged the taxpayers to house their teams of Secret Service bodyguards assigned to protect them while living in shacks behind their mansion. These bodyguards were also paid by the taxpayers. If the Senate was not dominated by a pack of crooks, it would have found Bill guilty at his impeachment trial and spared the taxpayers the onerous burden of displaying trailer trash to the rest of the world as our leading politicians.


    I watched the spew session, er, Democratic debate! Just more tax the rich and corporations, poor, poor put upon blacks, amnesty for hispanic voters and freebees for everyone, except white people.

  • Seedman

    Ted Cruz appears to be the best candidate by far, hopefully for two terms. An able and virtuous man, who fears God, speaks truthfully, and hates dishonest gain. Ted is intelligent, knows the Constitution, and will hold to it. Donald Juvenile Trump has serious, negative, character issues.

  • Pam Dunn

    Except the Dimocrap party elite AWARDED the Skank Hillary EXTRA delegates so that the “party” doesn’t have to face “party Activists”. In other words screw the voters we want Skanky Hillary to be our candidate. Wonder who debbie wasaman is voting for?

  • v steve

    Those who vote for Hilary and Bernie don’t want to work.

  • jong

    Its wonderful to see liberals eating their own kind in a blood lust for power.

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