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In Her Defense

  • Steven Swanson

    Boo hoo Bitch ! ! ! !

  • JimRed

    Investigate Powell and any others who misused email servers and put classified data at risk. Make the penalties proportional to the degree of harm caused, if it can be determined. Powell maybe gets a reprimand; Hillary goes to prison.

  • hangman57

    Hillary claiming others did the same thing is a lie . Besides it is Hillary who is being charged ,not others !

  • jong

    Not at the level she had passed information. Powell is a demoncrat right along with hillary which means anyone is a target. Powell was and is a useless brown nosing ladder climbing incompetent. But, he did not do what she did. He is guilty of other crimes.

  • Jarhead

    Well she did have a fall and hurt her head a while back… she shows signs of menopausal dysfunctions daily & growing…..many with this problem overdose the Xanax which just makes matters even worse. Or as many have stated she is just BAT-$HIT CRAZY?

  • ron8072

    I really think the Hildebeast is RACIST! Think about it! Hillary For Prison 2016!

  • ssoldie

    “Just because he did it I can do it”

  • Conservative Not Republican

    THAT DOES IT!! I’m convinced! I will NEVER vote for Colin Powell for president, and that’s FINAL!! Hey, ya gotta draw a line in the sand someplace ya know.

    • Devasahayam

      He already did sometime ago by claiming anyone who voted against 0bama must be racist…. — so, your decision can be said as BLTN.

      • Conservative Not Republican

        Yeah, that’s a pretty standard liberal mantra. If you oppose Obama, it can only be because you’re a “racist”. The delusions of liberalism have no end.

    • cyberhackster

      Off your meds ??

      • Conservative Not Republican

        I used to have multiple personality disorder….but now we’re okay! Now my only problem is that I have CDO. It’s like OCD….cept’ the letters are in alphabetical order…just like they should be.


    What she said is, I saw others speeding as well, so why am I getting ticketed?……Ignorance of the law Shrillary, is no excuse….

  • Patriot1

    Any person serving in the military that did what Billary did would already be in Leavenworth serving time, pure and simple.

    Congress needs to STOP wasting money on investigating and spend time prosecuting her NOW! Ten years minimum!!!!!

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