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Comrades At War

  • OSAMA OBAMA …….This is how people like Burnie and Ohillary get elected.

  • gerrod

    Upon the passing of Vladimir Lenin his two successors went at it. Apparently Joseph Stalin had Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico and laid claim once and for all to the leadership of the USSR. We all know what happened thereafter.

    • JimRed

      Trotsky was too wimpy to have Stalin killed. Look what it got him!

  • Conservative Not Republican

    The liberals are running a socialist…..oh, and Bernie Sanders too.

    • woonsocket

      Medicare is a socialist program. So is Social Security. Find a candidate who wants to get rid of Medicare and you’ll be on your way to being socialist-free.

      • Conservative Not Republican

        I’d be happy to just find a candidate who would promote making both of those programs voluntary instead of compulsive.

        Let’s give people the choice….liberals love choice don’t they?….as to whether they wish to participate or not. Let’s give the people the freedom….liberals love freedom don’t they?….to opt out of the program if they wish.

        Yes, let’s give *the people* those opportunities….and then we’ll see how “popular” those programs really are….as liberals always claim.

        Liberals always conflate people wanting to get the money back, which they were *forced* to pay in over their entire working lifetimes, as being a sign of popularity, but will NEVER give the people the choices or freedoms which liberal claim they support.

  • woonsocket

    Thor is loaning Hillary his hammer. She will crush Republicans in 2016.

    • Jane18


    • LawtonOkie

      Hi-liar-y will never beat Donald Trump, you lying communist chump.

  • simmss

    I do not believe this battle is real. Why would the commie not question the fake coin flip? Hillary knows that unless the FBI steps in, it is hers to win.

  • simmss

    Didn’t us workers pay into social security?

  • JimRed

    Hillary’s every bit the commie Bernie is, he just admits it!

  • LG

    Hopefully, it’s a fight to the death; and they both lose…

  • nightingayle

    I have come to the conclusion that democrats are brain washed brain dead idiots…don’t they know they are changing from democrats to communists..that is what they are trying to do to our country.. I hate them for that.
    HIllary brags she is a progressive from 80’s.. Back then communists had a little book about themselves and called themselves progressives… hillary is proudly announcing she is a communist..
    Sanders is also a socialist….what in hell is wrong with americans???? What fools they are…
    First the stupids put in a marxist that is destroying our country and making us unsafe , helping and protecting terrorists, (that both HIllary and Obama gave them guns, missles and our tax money) no wonder we have Isis now.
    And next completely change America to a communist country..
    one woman backing Sanders for 10 years says she doesn’t even know what a socialist is.. my God………………………..

  • nightingayle

    Also how stupid Americans are to back someone who lies to Americans over and over again and had men killed….with these kind of idiots, we don’t have much hope in future….
    it wasn’t HIllary’s idea for single payer health care.. that was the establishment Obama’s plan from the beginning but they know americans are stupid so they do it slowly…
    americans are fools…i need to move to another country.. i don’t like communism OR STUPID PEOPLE

  • nightingayle

    THEY ARE TOO OLD… Young people are sure brainwashed fools. The communists have been infiltrating our schools for many years, and this is the result..a bunch of fools determined to destroy America forever…
    I wish them nothing but hell…….they deserve it , forcing communism on us all.. if they want it , move to a communist, they want our country to be communist… I am getting very bitter because of stupid people……

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