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Who’s Counting?

  • ron8072

    I also don’t remember, other than on Fox, Odimbulb’s mispronounciation of Corpsmen. Remember that? Corps Men? LMAO! Thanks Branco!


      Teleprompters don’t show pronunciations!

    • FlyEagleVA

      Navy Corpse Men. It’s the new Zombie special forces medics unit. It actually makes perfect sense to use the undead as medics, because that way, they can go treat injured Marines without fear of being killed themselves. Duh!

  • scooter

    He referenced 60 states, visited 57, one to go, not going to Hawaii or Alaska.

  • FlyEagleVA

    Buffoons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • daves

    Well I certainly heard the president’s 57 states gaff but this is the first I’ve heard of Mr. Trump’s 2 Corinthians gaff.

  • Bri

    I saw the video where he said that… he said he couldnt visit hawaii or alaska, and he had one more left and that he already visited 57. Aka, he said 57 instead of 47. Lmao. You neo cons can be pretty dense

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