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Cash Cow-ardice

  • ron8072

    So exactly true! Odimbulb can’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. You can count on him to choose wrong on every issue!

    • Darthinton

      I really get tired of intelligent people thinking that the “o” hole doesn’t know what’s going on…. “it” knows, “it” knows exactly what “it” is doing and the doing is the absolute and ultimate destruction of Our Nation and Our People.


    So?? I’m sure when they sell all of that oil, they’ll pay us back.LMAO! we are sooooo screwed!

    • clayusmcret

      Neither the 150 Billion dollars, nor the additional 1.7 Billion dollars were loans. The first was straight up money obama released to them for terrorists and the second was ransom for our American hostages. Then again, maybe you’re right after all. They’ll be paying us back for his sympathy and support soon enough.

  • Daniel Scott

    Gotta love how conveniently the far right forgets that the US has been the aggressors against Iran for the past 60 years and we have never had any business meddling in their affairs. They do not export terrorism. They have not invaded another country for 200 years. They have signed a nuclear PEACE treaty.

    Why are they the “enemy”? Oh, because Israel says they are.

    • ron8072

      They have not invaded in their name. They have funded most of the terrorism against most every other nation in the world. I guess my answer would involve the born to hate America – Americans of which obviously you are a card carrying member. Wake up and smell the roses! Iran and/or ISIS are gunning for us. The day will come when you will regret your appeasement of terrorism, especially when it takes one of your family members or even yourself. Good luck then, my friend.
      Remember, as you infer, that Iran is a Peaceful and Peace-loving Nation.

  • Papa Tich

    The sad fact is that our POTUS (the muslim in chief occupying the white mosque) has made US the largest supporter of terrorism in the World with the billions upon billions of tax payer dollars he has given to terrorist states and organizations around the world, US Military hardware he’s provided to them, and training courtesy of our US Special Forces and CIA.
    But has all this coddling and supporting and apologizing to muslim terrorists and terrorist states around the world made us safer and saved any Western or for that matter any US lives? I think you know the answer to that…

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