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Obama Birthday Card (By A.F.Branco)

A.F.Branco Obama Birthday card. Order yours today for that special someone who may not get it. Or, just throw some humor at someone that does. Oder here

  • Phaenius

    That Donkey with a match and the elephant with a pair of scissers is really funny and hits the mark. I can see the Donkey light the fuse and the Elephant cut, just in time for the Donkey to light the fuse again until snippity snip snip scratches only the fuse neck of the bomb while the fuse ignites the powder an inch below the neck. Of course…the realization of that is not funny.

    • afbranco

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time for commenting

  • Phaenius

    Brother Branco, How about a cartoon with a patriot tea party looking guy staring at a train loaded with all of those chinese shipping containers that we all see at railroad crossings, and then have him musing, “Where were the British getting all of that tea by the way?” Or something like that.